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Hand Printed Cotton Wrap Skirt

Hand Printed Cotton Wrap Skirt

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Hand Printed Cotton Wrap Skirts

These stunning skirts have been made in India on a Fair Trade basis by native gypsy workers.  Each skirt is hand printed by screen printing on old wooden screens.  Any slight imperfections in the print are part of the natural beauty and not considered a fault.  Close up photos show the quality and pattern from hand printing.

These skirts do not have holes on the waist for tying.  Instead hold the skirts behind you, wrap around the front and overlap and tie!  This we find is easier for adjusting when on the go.  

Skirt Measurements

Size 12, 14, 16 Size 18, 20, 22, 24
Around the Waist 48 inches (122cm) for waist up to 40" to allow room for overlap 60 inches (152cm) for waist up to 52" to allow room for overlap 
Skirt Length 37 inches (94cm) 37 inches (94cm)
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